From a very early age, Jan Tuitman, born in the northern part of the Netherlands, knew what he did not want: a normal life like he saw everywhere around him. So he created another kind of life for himself, imaginary at first, but his fantasies rapidly became reality. He made his first steps into the world of art. He sang, danced and acted on stage. After studying at Drama Acadamies, the Conservatory and the Barry Stevens School of Dance, it became more and more clear what his true love was going to be...


Jan “must” sing. If he cannot sing he feels unhappy. There have been plenty of moments like that, because it took a long time before he found his voice. Repeatedly being pointed in the wrong direction, the road seemed almost endless. But persistence pays off and ultimately his quest led him to a guru who still mastered the art of singing. As of that moment Jan found his peace again, which enabled him to share the knowledge he gathered with others.

And that is what this is all about. Through this site Jan wants to introduce himself to you, explain what he does, and why. Because it took him a long time to find the singing technique that suits him best, he knows that there are many people with the same problem. For this reason he felt the need to dedicate part of his life to help others find their own voices.

In 1998 he founded his own school in Maastricht, Cantare é Parlare, and established relationships with the Speech Therapy department of the AZM (Maastricht Academic Hospital), the Maastricht Conservatory and the Cologne Drama Academy. In the following years he was able to help numerous people find (or retrieve) their own voices and coach them in their professional lives.

From his own experience he knows that there is great interest in singing correctly, which is nothing more than singing in a way that suits you. Finding that natural way is the path of a true singer. It is a long road - that should last a lifetime - but not an impossible one. Because every problem has a solution.

At the  moment Jan fills his life with  a combination of coaching, supporting and performing...

Should you have any questions after visiting this site, please contact Jan via his e-mail adress